Who are Our Workers?

Believe it or not the overwhelming majority of the people working around you are volunteers.  However, just because they are volunteers doesn't give them a free pass. The Catholic Church is committed to safety all over the United States. And VIRTUS is the program which every volunteer must go through. All our volunteers are fingerprinted and approved by a special committee before they are allowed to serve you. You can visit the Virtus site at: https://www.virtusonline.org/

Keeping the Grounds Clean and Recycling

The safety of our children and families in our grounds is of highest priority for the city and our Church.  The Environment, however, is who we are all stewards of. We ask that you help us recycle by using the recycling bins for recyclable material while disposing the rest of the trash is in the trash cans. We have a team of volunteers combing the grounds constantly picking up things from the floor, pulling out trash bags, cleaning our bathrooms, and keeping your tables and chairs clean.

Fun, Safe, Family Environment

Safety & Security Task Force

Over the past five years, All Saints has continuously worked with the City of Sunrise to ensure your safety. All Saints takes a proactive approach to patron, staff, and resource protection. We are dedicated to providing safe places for recreation and the enjoyment of the area. The Church partners with local law enforcement, as well as contracted security, to provide a proactive response to suspicious and/or emergency situations. We have video surveillance cameras in use throughout the grounds, and a security-focused entrance system for any vehicles coming into the immediate premise.

All Saints Carnival